The Noble Thiefs have two albums, several singles, and thousands of miles of highway behind them, but they aren’t looking in the rear view mirror.

Dead-set on the road ahead, the veteran soul rockers keep on rolling and gathering momentum. Over the last decade, the Thiefs have grown as artists while crafting a signature sound that’s ever-evolving.  

Their latest single is about just that — growth and evolution. Oak Tree is an introspective trip into the mind of singer Myron Dean. Its abstract themes and daydreams of streams and trees stay grounded on a foundation of air-tight R&B. Oak Tree’s psychedelic music video, directed by up-and-coming Winnipeg videographer Vince Tang, projects mind’s-eye visions onto the physical world with spectacular results. 

The Noble Thiefs have toured extensively over the years, playing everywhere from New Orleans and NYC to London, England. Festivals like Milwaukee Summerfest, Liverpool SoundCity and FOCUS Wales have helped them build an audience abroad. Local festivals and club gigs have made them hometown heroes in their beloved Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The Noble Thiefs are:

Myron Dean – Vocals

Riley Hastings – Guitar

Johannes Lodewyks – Bass

Sandy Fernandez – Drums